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  • Embrace the beauty of your age with newfound positivity. These affirmation cards are an optimistic and motivating companion for those journeying into or embracing retirement. Nourish your mind with 52 uplifting statements and age beautifully, inside and out. It's never too late to dream a new dream 


  • Enjoy artistic, luxury design. Each deck of cards is packaged in a gold-stamped magnetic box and includes an instruction guide and ebony wood stand, perfect for showcasing your affirmations. Ignite your imagination with highly visual, artistic drawings that match the theme of each affirmation, and brighten up your home 


  • Elevate your mental state. Crafted in collaboration with mental health professionals, our cards imprint healthy thinking habits onto your subconscious mind in key areas of your life: self-love, health, finances, community, past experiences, and motivation for the future. Get ready to feel amazing at a holistic level 


  • Show someone you care. Surprise and delight your loved ones with the gift of positivity. Perfect for parents, grandparents, or any cherished person navigating the mature chapters of life, this set is more than just a present; it's a heartwarming gesture of care and understanding

Affirmation Cards

  • Omphoria Affirmation Cards for Beautiful Aging

    52 Positive affirmations on individually designed cards with calming, pastel colors. Included in the box is an ebony wooden stand and instruction paper.

    Card size: 63*88mm

    Used material: paper, wood

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